Ehra Madrigal

Ehra Madrigal

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Ehra Madrigal

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i love u erha……

  2. mark castillo says:

    wow tau

  3. jewel dee says:

    alow ms ehra,, im jewel hop 2 see u in person….sum of my fwenz says magkamuka raw tayo…. luv u

  4. guest01 says:

    ako nga pala si tserman…ang komento ko lang ay super laki ng dede at puke ni ehra……thank you po!!!

  5. vincent says:

    jackpot si mr. dj …sarap lamutakin ang boobs ni ehra,,talagang natural.sarap mong tirahin patuwad habang nilalamas ko boobs mo..aaahhhhhhhhhh

  6. CHRISTOPHER says:


  7. L0ver b0y says:

    Laki nman B0obzx. M0!
    Nkakatigax ng ul0.
    Gawa nman ty0 ng sex vide0 minxan.!!
    W/ pic n nka hubad….
    Xrap ipitin ng ti2 k0 xa pgitan ng b0obx m0:-O

  8. Almedina says:

    Heather Love Mikayle (born August 2, 1992) is a half Filipina and full Japanese cosplayer, aestcrs, singer and tv host.Her family transfered in Philippines when she’s 10 because of her father’s work.She love music.She can play the piano and guitar. In her spare time, she teach children how to play- her niece, Yanna- is her favorite student. She also do pencil sketching- mostly faces of people. She like to accomplish a lot more things- like to go to places where she havent been yet, like to get to know more people, like to learn a new language and to try an exotic recipe when she’s free.(copy pasted from her page)Heather Love Mikayle (born August 2, 1992) is a half Filipina and full Japanese cosplayer, aestcrs, singer and tv host.Heather Love Mikayle (born August 2, 1992) is a half Filipina and full Japanese cosplayeris a half Filipina and full Japanese cosplayerHALF FILIPINA AND FULL JAPANESE COSPLAYER. WHOA! SHE IS 1 AND A HALF PERSON! XD hehhehehehehWell-loved.

  9. Cristina says:

    Hidden due to low . .Every single one of you stipud.1) Saya is not dead. She faked her death and her friends helped her. There is not a single public record that proves she died.2) Whoever made Heather Mikayle is clearly just doing it to troll people, and judging by your comments, it’s working. Do you really believe it’s a real girl deluded into thinking she can pretend to be a couple of asian cosplayers/stars? No, it’s probably some guy who is doing it to troll you idiots.Calling him a loser when it is you who fell for it. That is hilarious right there.Poorly-rated.

  10. Atchara says:

    Or baka sya din yon. This person (he/she) sure has a lot of time in his/her hands. Maybe a part of that 20k likes ng page nya eh sya din guwama ng accounts ng mga yun, panlike ng fan page nya. Nagscan lang ako sa page nya, knowing she/he has 20k likes, isa sa mga napansin ko sa updates nya ala pang thousands ang naglalike. Highest I remember was 55 likes? Unlike yung picture ni goddess na may hawak na kutsarang may ulam, ala pang 1 hour nasa 3k likes na.Well-loved.

  11. L0ver b0y says:

    tama sarap mo ???

  12. Darlene says:

    guyz . maybe if you see angel in person ma-prove niyo dinferefce nila ni marian. ugali, sa kilos at sa mukha. angel is a so nice napakabait, hnd ko lang alam kay marian seeing her sa mga interview i bet hindi siya as nice as angel. mas magandang tingnan ang ugali kesa sa katawan. and to add sexy talaga si angel lalo na kapag nakapang-jogging outfit siya.

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